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Please, schedule your photo, for the new directory - click on photo below.

	Nov	12	12:30pm	Christian Ed Mtg
			7:00pm	All Committee	
	Nov	13	  ~~~Pastor’s Day Off~~~
	 		1:00pm	Joy Bible Study
	Nov	14	6:30pm	Confirmation 
	Nov	15	1:00pm	Quilting
			4:45pm	Bible Study	
			6:30pm	Faith Bible Study
			7:00pm	Council
	Nov	16	9:45am	Bible Study 
			12:00pm	OWL’S Thanksgiving Feast (Potluck)
			8:00pm	AA
	Nov	17	5:00pm	Worship  w/Communion			    	   
	Nov	18	8:30am	Worship  w/Communion
			9:30am	Coffee Fellowship
			9:45am	Sunday School
			9:45am	DMC

10th and 11th of Nov 2018

       1 Kings 17;8-16
       Psalm 146 antiphon V# 8
       Hebrews 9:24-28
       Mark 12:38-44

11th of Nov 2018
Martin, Bishop of Tours, 397
Soren, Aaby Kirkegaard, teacher, 1855

17th of Nov 2018
Rlizabeth of Hungary
Renewer of society, 1231

17th and 18th of Nov 2018

       Daniel 12:1-3
       Psalm 16 antiphon V# 9
       Hebrews 10:11-14 [15-18] 19-25
       Mark 13:1-8


We need YOU to make our directory complete! To celebrate our church family and strengthen the bond within our congregation, we welcome you to be a part of our upcoming new directory.

A new directory:

• Preserves this special time in the life our church

• Becomes a lasting record of our current membership

• Helps us connect faces with names

We are partnering with Lifetouch for this important project. Lifetouch is providing the directory at no cost to our church. Every family photographed receives a complimentary directory and an 8x10 portrait. You can sign up for photography online at our church website at www.dekorralutheran.org or look for our signup table at upcoming services or call Lifetouch at 1.866.756.0281.


Monday - November 19th - 2:00PM to 9:00PM
Tuesday - November 20th - 2:00PM to 9:00PM
Wednesday - November 21st - 2:00PM to 9:00PM
Friday - November 23rd - 2:00PM to 9:00PM
Saturday - November 24th - 9:00AM to 4:00PM

For your convenience, all photography and portrait viewing will take place at our church with NO sitting fee. You will have a variety of poses taken. One pose will be selected for the directory. In addition to your complimentary 8x10, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits on the day of your portrait session.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to be professionally photographed. I know that my family is definitely looking forward to getting some pictures taken for the Holidays that we can give to our relatives. We are looking forward to seeing you in our directory. I am encouraging 100%participation!

God Bless,
Pastor Ryan

P.S. Your photography session will take about an hour, during which time you will check-in, be photographed and view your portraits.


Carson Schmudlach (Nephew of Florence Schmudlach); Ruth Nelson, Sharon Zeimet, Barb Kolb (Cheryl Pendleton’s niece); Missy Iannella (Holly & Cliff Iannella’s daughter-in-law); Jill Emmons, Ruth Kohlmeyer; Greg Ayers; Joanna Hall (daughter of Mary Dibble); Lisa Hohlstein (daughter of John & Ruth Nelson); Margie Knuteson, LeRoy Breneman.

Deontá Backovitch; Nicholas Paske (great nephew of June Fiske); Dustin Hoiten (nephew of Ted Koch); Bill Warren (son of Cheryl Lytle); Quinten Case (great-nephew of June Fiske); James Wampole (nephew of Gene & Betty Hehl); Moira McCormack (granddaughter of Renate Lokotz); Kole Purtell (grandson of Chuck & Penny Judd).

One of the very nicest things at Dekorra
is the after worship coffee hour. Everyone loves it and we all enjoy the great  fellowship. The problem is, very few of our ladies are  serving these coffee hours and we need to have  more folks stepping forward. You can add your name to the ones already signed up, or if you and several friends (or maybe even a family!) would take a turn or two throughout the year. 

Thanksgiving Feast
Everyone is invited! Friday, November 16 is the OWL’S annual Thanksgiving Feast at 12:00 noon in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us. There is a We need salads, vegetables, rolls, pies, deserts. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board by the office.

On Sat., Dec 1st, the women of Dekorra will be hosting an Advent Brunch for ladies of all ages. Our theme for this year is Jesus is the Reason For the Season.  We especially would like to invite our recent Confirmands, their Moms, Grandmothers Mentors. To get an idea of how much to prepare for, we would appreciate you signing a form on the Bulletin Board.  If you won’t know until the last minute, don’t hesitate to come anyway.

let’s remember to help those less fortunate than we are.

until November 11th. Please pick up a box and list of items needed located under the stairs in the church. Thank You!!

Please plan to participate in our next youth/family activity.  We will serve a shift at 2nd Harvest food distribution center on the east side of Madison from 12:30 to 3:30 PM, Saturday, November 10. Age 12 and up are able to participate.  Common projects are re-packing bulk commercial food into family-sized portions for distribution to local food pantries.  Last time, we packed several thousand pounds of potatoes (by hand!). Please put this on your calendar and watch for more details as the event approaches.  Contact Brad Simplot with questions:  592-5167  Thank you!

**** Servers for Sunday, November 11th****
Gene Hehl, Jeff Koch - Stewardship
Karen & Kristine Millard - Altar Guild
Lexi Birchler - Acolyte
Sue Poznanski - Worship Assistant
Paula Dorn - Lay Reader
At Altar Rail - Communion Assistants
Sharon Kampen & Diane Buckley - Ushers
Judy Brownrigg, Bev Trygstad - Greeters

**** Servers for Sunday, November 18th****
Karen & Kristine Millard Altar Guild
Sammy Nyffenegger - Acolyte
Barb Verbitsky - Worship Assistant
Bill Buckley - Lay Reader
Sara Simplot, Merry Seng - Communion Assistants
Scott & Melissa Serwe - Ushers
Dave & Robin Kinnunen – Greeters


n3099 smith road † poynette wi 53955 † 608-635-7200 † dekorra@dekorralutheran.org

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